The extraordinary life is not something that we can produce.  The extraordinary (abundant) life is the life of a disciple of Jesus. It is NOT our goal to focus creating extraordinary life in other people. We cannot do that. Our goal is to focus on being guides and making “guides” so that others can experience His extraordinary life.  

A life of a guide (disciple) is a life marked by the presence of The Spirit in their life. They are intentional in what Jesus was intentional with because His Spirit lives in them.  His life becomes their life.  His mission becomes their mission. His priorities become our priorities.  

“You will BE my witnesses.”

All of Jesus’ life and mission was marked by 3 different intentional relationships: His relationship to God the Father,  His relationship with his disciples, and His relationship with the world. It was his life rhythm to be intentional in these 3 relationships.

Our life rhythms are to be marked by what was important to Jesus and these 3 relationships were center to His mission. In fact, His mission is carried on today through the same intentional relationships. 

Abide + Engage = Multiply

Abide (Intentional relationship with Jesus, fully participating with His body)

Engage (Intentional friendships)

Multiply (Guiding People To Extraordinary Life In His Kingdom.

This is the the daily rhythm of a guide with Remedy:

An Extraordinary life marked by Abiding + Engaging = That Is Multiplying.

The City, The West, The World. 

We desire to see 1% of our city come to experience extraordinary life in Jesus.  Our mission over the next 20 years is to plant 3 churches every 5 years. We believe if we can plant these churches we will see the spiritual gauge of our city shift toward that of saving faith in Jesus. The ripple effect of this city wide church planting movement will be seen throughout the west coast and the world.