When we are saved by Jesus, we are saved into His body—the church. City Groups are our primary context for abiding in Jesus through His word and body and engaging our city on mission. Each week groups meet at homes throughout the city to worship Jesus by listening and obeying the voice of the Spirit through God’s word, encouraging one another, and being sent out on mission. Because we are a church of groups and not a church with groups, City Groups are truly where the life of our church happens! 

Although each group has its own unique culture, all of our City Groups share three principles: Christ, Community, & City. If you are interested in trying out a City Group, contact the City Group Facilitator for specific locations and details.


We seek to grow in love and obedience by worshiping Jesus together. In light of this, we seek to listen and obey the voice of the Spirit as we study from the Bible each week.


We share life as the body of Christ. Therefore, we seek to be connected to one another in love and service like a body. This involves encouraging one another, sharing meals, hanging out, and caring for others in need.


Christians are sent out into the world to bear witness to Jesus with our lips and lives. City Groups are our primary place for equipping and sending out one another to engage our community through intentional relationships and neighbor love.