Someone once said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  Perspective is important. It really does matter, especially when you are talking about the Kingdom of God.   In fact, the Kingdom of God might be the most misunderstood subject in all of scripture.  God’s entire Word is built around this subject. This subject is the lens through which all of life can be understood. I guarantee that one of the many reasons why many Christians miss out on God’s activity, is not because they are not “good church people”, it is because they are not Kingdom focused people.


Here are 2 ways your perspective on the Kingdom of God will change your life.


1. It changes how you relate to God


We know that God is not a distant God looking for people to fix their messy lives before they can enter His Kingdom.  In fact, if that were the case, we all would be out of luck.  One wrong perspective that people have about the Kingdom of God is that it is a one-day hope or rewards such as Heaven.  So, they think all of life rests on doing our best, cleaning ourselves up enough, and one day we will enter heaven where we will be perfect and without blemish.  This is one perspective that affects you seeing God today. God is not looking for good people who do enough good deeds to find his approval and earn heaven as a reward.  In fact, the bible teaches that the Kingdom of God actually came to earth (Luke 17:20-21) and can be experienced today in our mess (Colossians 1:13-14) through a personal relationship with Jesus.  A good perspective is that God is not waiting till you die for you to experience the Kingdom, God wants you to experience His Kingdom here on earth. It came through Jesus. The question is, do you see it?



2. It changes what you live for


If there is a Kingdom, then there is a King. Jesus said, He was the King of His Kingdom. This is such hard concept for us, Americans, because we don’t understand how a Kingdom works. In a Kingdom there is a King and we all love to think we are the King of our own lives A wrong perspective on this is most frequently shown by Christians who believe that God wants to save them to empower them to fulfill their dreams or their ideas of what life should look like.  As if God's ultimate desire is for them to be happy.  I have experienced that this is one of the biggest barriers to someone experiencing a free life through a relationship with Jesus. They want what Jesus can give them, they just don’t want Him to tell them what to do. To give up their dreams, for His.   I love what Paul Tripp says, ”The good news of the Kingdom is not freedom from hardship, suffering, and loss. It is the news of a Redeemer who has come to rescue me from myself.” Stop trying to build your own Kingdom, with crumbling bricks, and start focusing on what His priorities are for His Kingdom and give yourself to that.  It is a Kingdom that will last.   


As your perspective changes that Kingdom of God is something you can experience today and you start focusing your life on what matters most to Him, here is what will happen. You will see Him as work not just around you, but in you.  I believe that as you have the opportunity to sit at King Jesus' table, every single day, living your life with Kingdom priorities, you will value being a part of the Kingdom of God. You will treasure life and the satisfying purpose of building up a Kingdom that will last forever.